The José Mourinho Of Chess

Chris is back from his holiday and wants to hide in the corner, but Phil is happy to get close to the mic. Jon's stupid question from Episode 3 gets dealt with properly as Phil and Chris play another nonsense game on air. Somehow, discussion of a chess startup leads to some Gregorian chanting as well. Listen to find out how!

0:00 Intro

1:01 En Passent d'Avignon the game!

4:51 Which football manager is Phil like?

Phil doesn't have a quiz

8:00 Regium

12:00 Nikita Pearl Waligwa

12:35 A 12-year-old girl reads the laws of chess

18:47 Adjournments and trying to beat Magnus Carlsen

28:00 Jon has a stupid question

31:14 Paco Ŝako

36:23 Chris and Phil finish their game

Published 2 years ago


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