The lady with the Chessboard

Now that the general format has been settled, the guys are happy to share the blame. Ongoing features from now on include Phil's quiz, a history lesson with Chris, and a stupid question from Jon. The coronavirus is starting to parade its devilry at sea: might it encourage a whole new generation of chess players?

0:00 Cold open: Neville Southall

4:20 Cold open: Phil's record against Wood Green

9:07 Intro

9:30 Phil has a quiz

10:36 Mike Basman

15:02 Chess on a cruise ship

16:31 Shall we do a Tony Miles special? (Update: We did! See Episode 14.)

20:14 Is chess becoming less fun?

28:14 Forfeited for wearing a watch

32:51 Are kids under too much pressure?

35:32 Ways to stop cheating

37:15 Christory (Deep Blue)

41:22 Jon has a stupid question

47:15 Phil has a quiz answer

Published 2 years ago


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