The Wingside and the Bingside? - Pilot Episode

Jon Mackenzie has played chess for a few months. Phil Makepeace and Chris Russell have played chess for over 20 years and even have their own chess coaching business together. The three guys have only met once before recording this pilot episode, so will there be enough chemistry? Will they be able to talk for long enough about chess? Will they fall out? Will they make it out of their secret recording venue alive?

0:00 Cold open: A theme tune?

1:47 Cold open: What's in a name?

3:42 Intro

5:44 Who are Chris, Jon and Phil?

6:56 Draft chess tournament prizes

9:06 Brother-in-laws (brothers-in law?)

10:55 Jon's first competitive games

15:43 Two-hundred-and-thirty moves!

20:42 Being told off for walking

23:32 Why do a chess podcast?

28:50 Finding a chess hero

35:20 Football managers playing chess

37:30 Jon jas a stupid question

Published 2 years ago


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